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The medi vision uses a 3-D (three dimensional) camera mounted on a tablet to capture a timely and accurate image.   This is a topical image like any other digital photo taken by a phone or camera and is not harmful to patients. The technology developed by LymphaTech interprets the scan to produce volume and circumference data scan. Medi has incorporated this technology to our ordering and production programs to manufacture custom made compression garments. 

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 A recent study (link) was published that compared 52 lymphedema patients measured via Water displacement, Tape measure method, and 3D scanning with LymphaTech technology.  The results showed that the 3D scanning was just as accurate as the other methods for comparing limb volume and circumference measurements.

A scan is converted to measurements within the vision app where is can be configured with tension adjustments and entry point alterations.  Additional features, color selection, patterns, and fashion elements can all be selected prior to upload into the medi ordering portal.

To generate a scan, extract the measurement data, and then transmit order to medi for production requires the following equipment that can only be obtained through medi:

  • iPad tablet – comes preloaded with all applications and connectivity functions
  • 3D camera – LymphaTech approved camera
  • Mounting set – camera will be custom mounted on iPad with control handles

Currently medi vision is available to clinicians and medi dealers certified to fit custom garments. Dealers can purchase units though their territory business manager or clinical educator.  Clinician’s have the option to purchase units for use in their clinic or can set up as an “authorized user” on a community device.        Learn more here:

The custom mediven flat -knit products are now available to order through medi vsion.  The products are comprised of made the 550 series, mondi, and mondi esprit products in both lower and upper extremity that treat lymphedema, lipedema, and venous health conditions.  Additional medi products will be added as the program progresses. Link to 

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To ensure ultimate success, medi requires two half day training sessions per facility.  This includes hardware and software set up, creation of a fitting center, how to obtain an accurate scan, and how to process orders.

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